Extreme Close-Up: the Life and Times of Andersen Silva

Singer/songwriter Andersen Silva's double album I'll Live contains 42 original songs ranging from pop-punk to electronic to rock to...
well, whatever came to mind. His latest single, the indie rock "She," was released in September 2020.

'I'll Live' cover

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Songwriter, science fiction and horror fan, Apple enthusiast, squirrel feeder, data wrangler.
Lyndhurst, NJ resident. Andersen Silva is all of these and more... However, Andersen Silva is not Anderson Silva. And vice versa.

Let Talking Heads, David Bowie, Trent Reznor, the Cars, Roger Waters, and half a Ramone take turns writing and playing songs together, with Frank Zappa, Lou Reed, and Ringo Starr splitting vocal duties, and you might get something like Andersen Silva's music. Or you might not.